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[招聘] NVIDIA火热招聘 系统工程师(汽车自动驾驶)

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实践证明,GPU 能够非常有效地解决计算机科学领域中一些极其复杂的问题。GPU 一开始用作模拟人类想象力的引擎,创造出视频游戏和好莱坞电影中令人惊叹的虚拟世界。如今,NVIDIA GPU 用于模拟人类智力,运行深度学习算法,并在能够感知和理解世界的计算机、机器人和自动驾驶汽车中发挥大脑的作用。NVIDIA 的“AI 计算公司”名头越来越为人所知。

  • 有系统级开发经验 (不限于System     software/Graphics/Kernel Driver/Android development)
  • 较强的C/C++代码编程能力
  • 有汽车系统/深度学习/视觉计算/机器人相关经验/知识为加分项
  • 英文口语流利
简历投递:    Wechat: hrallenlin
System Engineers for its Autonomous Vehicle teams
As a senior member of our team you will be responsiblefor developing and maintaining software to drive the car, given various sensorinput devices including Camera’s, LIDAR, RADAR, GPS, IMU and others on VehicleCAN, work with different teams here to transform the information into drivingthe car with the best experience. You will work with different teams on allsort of challenging problems for autonomous driving including computer vision,deep learning, object tracking, car controlling.
You will help build the software and make it workflawlessly and safely on our driving platform. You are expected to have strongcommunication, organizational, and analytical skills. Solid understanding andstrong System software experience is a requirement. Experience with GPUtechnology, image processing, computer vision, and multimedia are highlyvalued. Familiarity with deep learning / artificial intelligence is desirable.
What you’ll be doing:
o    Craft the driving application for Autonomous Vehicleproducts
o    Solve the real challenging problems in the software withdifferent teams and to drive the car with the best experience
o    Performance optimization on our driving platforms
What we need to see:
o    You have a PhD in EE/CS or closely related field (or additionalequivalent experience) with 6+ year of relevant work and lab experience
o    You possess a deep understanding of programming languagesin C, C++ and Python.
o    You are familiar with source control tools (git,Perforce, etc.)
o    You are experienced in developing system software mostlyin user space but also feel no big deal in digging deep into kernel space andeven low-level hardware
o    You know too much about system programming, threading,mutex, synchronization, communication, and parallel computing to build highlyscalable and efficient applications
o    You are more than familiar with underlying hardwarearchitecture for CPU/GPU and memory, and understand performance from bottom up
o    Prior experience working in the following areas: Kerneldevelopment, Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics, Self-Driving-Cars, GPU technology,Computer Vision, Deep Learning
o    You should display outstanding communication andcollaboration skills, as we work as a tightly-knit team, always discussing andlearning from each other and driving things forward and making solid progress
Ways to stand out from the crowd:
o    Deep understanding of system architecture, CPU/GPU/Memory/Storage, everything related to performanceoptimization
o    Solid working experience in kernel developing, Linux/QNX,and all too familiar with OS scheduling, event handling, real-timerequirements.
o    Experience with Computer Vision, Machine Learning, DeepLearning or other Artificial Intelligence paradigms
o    Experience in Automotive Vehicle or Robotic SystemBuilding

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