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[招聘] 江苏常州 Senior SAP Consultant 欧洲独资

招聘 : 系统集成
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职位:Senior SAP Consultant
Responsibilities :
־  Responsible for the process conformance of global processes in SAP, adapt to local legal needs.
־ Update SAP related documentation according to business processes
־ Provide SAP training to Key users and End users
־ Solve incidents. Co-ordinate with T-S is required
־ Support the definition of requirements and co-ordination of change requests
־ Familiar with and adopt SAP methodology in project, including Requirement Gathering, Configuration, System Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Data Migration, Go-Live and Production Support
־ Customize SAP R/3 or ECC 6.0 to local legal needs, following Global Standard
־ Develop, execute and document test processes
־ support the local rollout of global projects
־ Work close with business people and figure out the bottom neck
־ Familiar with SAP functionality and provide suggestions to Business
־ Be open to changes and learn new technology

־ Bachelor degree, major in computer or electronic science
־Has completed two or more SAP implementation projects in production companies. 5 years working experience with SAP.
־ Detailed knowledge of the following SAP R/3 or ECC 6.0 modules: PP/QM/MM and/or APO. Familiar of supply chain and  intercompany processes. Knowledge of PS or ABAP would be a plus.
־ Strong hand-on experience in SAP modules, preferred with SAP certified consultant
־ Project management
־ Willing to support “Sub Systems” like mobile applications
־ Easy to communicate, in different cultures
־ Cooperative teamwork
־ Can deal with conflicts
־ Fluent in English (speaking, writing and reading)
־ SAP with at least 2 modules including customizing experience
־ Microsoft office

工作地点: 江苏常州

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招聘 : 系统集成
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