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[招聘] JAVA 高级软件工程师

招聘 : Java研发
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java senior software engineer
1) Be familiar on middle ware (Tomcat, Weblogic, Jboss and WebSphere etc) and have cluster setup/maintenance plus.
2) Be familiar on database (SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, etc).
3) Has business sense for project/product, and has function and architecture design sense.
4) Be familiar on J2SE and J2EE, and has development experience based on Java/PHP language plus."

"1) Design software architecture based on the requirements specification, and write detail design specifications.
2) Responsible for the design of common function modules and core codes, provide the technical support in the development process.
3) Conduct technical reviews and do research to the new technical trends.
4) Conduct Test and report to the relevant line managers.
5) Maintain current system and development new function.
6) Handle user's inquiry and support and lead to implement individual projects."
1) Solid Knowledge above average level of J2EE framework and struts-spring-hibernate platform, familiar with programming skills such as Java, JavaScript, CSS, and AJAX
2) Strong understanding of SQL server and/or ORACLE; knowledge of Stored Procedure development and database performance tuning is a strong plus;
4) Good understanding of Web Service, familiar with windows backend services;
5) Strong capabilities in English speaking and writing,  English CET-4 is required and
6) Strong sense of responsibility as a team player.

- B.S or above in terms of computer science, mathmatices, software engineering or relevant majors.

Working experience:
- At least 5 dedicated years’ experience on project delivery or maintenance.
- More than 3 full-cycle Java implementation projects' experience as developer/designer/TL."
Tend to be extravert; Integrity, Consistency, Indomitable.

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