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[招聘] 【上海市】【霍尼韦尔(中国)有限公司Honeywell】【供应链管培】

招聘 : 供应链管培
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  Join the Next Generation of Transportation Systems Leaders!

  Who is Honeywell Transportation Systems?

  Honeywell Transportation Systems designs and manufactures products for all types of vehicles. From improving the engine’s overall performance with turbocharging and air cooler systems to braking materials, Honeywell products keep vehicles running their best. The Turbo Technologies business is recognized around the world as a leading manufacturer of engine boosting systems for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Our products offer the very latest in innovative technology to help maximize a passenger or commercial vehicle’s fuel economy and reduce harmful emissions, while maintaining superior performance. Our Friction Materials business manufactures and markets Friction products for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and rail/industrial applications, and is one of the world\'s largest suppliers of friction materials and aftermarket brake products.

  What is the Integrated Supply Chain?

  Integrated Supply Chain (ISC) is Honeywell’s term for operations—that is—everything that is involved in producing and delivering products to our customers. This includes activities such as:
   ·Supply Base
   ·Manufacturing Engineering and Process Design
   ·Materials Management, Planning, and Logistics
   ·Health, Safety and Environment
   ·Lean Manufacturing, Process Excellence, and Continuous Improvement

  What’s in it For Me?

  You will be joining a top international company and have the opportunity to build a career, working with innovative products and excellent colleagues.
  Plus, you will receive specially tailored training, coaching, mentoring, and job opportunities that will give you a broad-based skill-set to prepare you for leadership responsibilities.

  Where Might I Work?

  You should be prepared to move at least once during the program. Potential locations include:
   ·Chongqing (new site 2012)
   ·Wuhan (new site 2013)
   ·Outside of China

  How Does the Rotational Development Program Work?

  You will complete 3 3 rotations of 6 months each for a total of 18 months ranging from 6 months in duration These are full time actual jobs, with real targets and goals that must be achieved, and could be at one location, or at different locations in China—or even outside of China. After completing 3 assignments in a maximum of 18 months, you will be ready for your final assignment role in the Transportation Systems Integrated Supply Chain function.

  Who are we looking for?

  3-6 years’ experience who can demonstrate:
  2.Strong technical knowledge and a passion for the automotive industry
  3.An interest in learning and achieving results quickly in a dynamic/changing environment
  4.A strong motivation to accelerate his/her career track
  5.Leadership potential and a determination to succeed
  6.Excellent communication skills
  7.PC literacy (with strong knowledge of MS Office suite)
  8.Fluency in English and Chinese

  Pls. send your English&Chinese profile to

  霍尼韦尔国际(Honeywell International)是一家多元化、高科技的先进制造企业。在全球,其业务涉及航空产品和服务,楼宇、家庭和工业控制技术、汽车产品、涡轮增压器、以及特殊材料。霍尼韦尔在上海设立了霍尼韦尔中国研发中心,致力于积极建立一流的本地研发能力,以便更有效地利用其全球领先的技术和创新实力,创造出满足中国客户和社会需求的更安全、更节能、更环保的产品和技术解决方案。 目前,霍尼韦尔四大业务集团均已落户中国,旗下所辖的所有业务部门的亚太总部也都已迁至中国,并在中国的多个城市设有30多家分公司和合资企业。


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